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Can we all just relax about henna?

It was the hissy fit heard around the country:

Well, itwasn'ta tattoo ... it was henna. The child had gotten her little hands decorated with flowers, swirlies and her name—Leah—as part of a school program designed to expose youngsters to other cultures. 

Leah's mom had gotten en email advising that henna would be offered at the event, but to be fair, the school didn't give parents any details about henna ahead of time so that she could make an informed decision.

Getting RID of your henna stain ... safely!

All good things must come to an end ... including a killer henna/mehndi design.

Most folks are content to let their henna just fade into the sunset, but a fading stain can look funky:
  • Palm and sole stains usually fade to orange (and even sometimes a weird green color) before disappearing. 
  • Elsewhere, the design can look patchy or spotty as skin exfoliates unevenly.

The Times of India ran an article titled"Don't like the look of fading mehendi?"with advice on how to get rid of a fading stain.

Pretty, but not henna: Aussie celeb sporting facial "tattoos"

Once again, the mass media is generally clueless when it comes to henna.

TheUK's Daily Mailrecently published photos of Australian celebrity Imogen Anthony, which she'd posted on her Instagram feed. The headline said she was sporting "henna facial art." Here's one pic:

News flash: That ain't henna.

Let's say it together folks: HENNA IS NEVER BLACK. (You can read all about that businesshere.) But this is more than likely black liquid eyeliner, which is generally safe for facial doodling.

'Black henna.' It kills.

It's the sort of news article that gives henna artists nightmares:

As I have said until I'm blue in the face, natural henna isfinebut so-called "black henna" is poison!!

And now, it's apparently killed a woman. Here's what happened:

Ms. McCabe got a "black henna" tattoo while on vacation in Dubai in 2007. The "tattoo" didn't kill her right then. However, the chemical that is put into "black henna" to stain the skin black—PPD—got into her system and made her more sensitive to the chemical itself.

Henna won't hurt you—it's "black henna" that's the problem

I'm getting so annoyed.

Now that summer is here (in the Northern Hemisphere) and folks are headed on vacation, I'm seeing an uptick in the number of news stories about the possible "dangers of henna."

The problem is that there is a VERY dangerous temporary body art product out there called "black henna" or "emergency mehndi" or "emergency henna," which is adulterated with a chemical called PPD: para-phenylenediamine.IT'S NOT REAL HENNA.

PPD is used in hair dye and will dye your skin true black.

Tattoos, Henna and Christianity: That Tricky Verse in Leviticus

Note to the reader: This blog post deals with Christian theology written from the point of view of a lay person who has done a lot of research on this topic. I welcome comments on the topic at hand, but this is not the place to take potshots at religion or religious people. If you feel the need to do so, you're welcome to start your own blog.

Also, this should go without saying, but the comments below do not imply any practice of religious discrimination on the part of Blue Lotus Mehndi. Blue Lotus Mehndi gladly serves ALL clients without hesitation and has always done so.

Can You Test-drive a Tattoo with Henna?

Very often I'll be asked to do a henna design as a way to "test drive" an ink tattoo design ... before all the business with needles and peeling skin.

Does it work?

The Ins and Outs of Using Henna as a "Test Tattoo"

As I rantedhere, henna and ink tattooing are distinct and different art forms, even though both leave you with a design on your skin. Besides the fact that henna is temporary and ink tattooing is (practically) permanent, certain designs can work well with both henna and ink but others do not.

A Rant on Henna vs. Tattoos

Photo by VistaprintA little venting is in order ...

"Henna tattoo" is a bit of a misnomer, although henna artists -- including myself -- occasionally use the term. However, confusion reigns, and sometimes this leads to really annoying behavior by potential customers and festival-goers. To wit:

  • Henna and tattooing are two separate art forms.Although "tattoo" has come to mean almost any decoration or picture on the skin, a true tattoo is surgical implantation of ink in the skin. Tattooing involves a very different set of tools and skills than does henna, so it's not accurate to say that henna is a "fake" tattoo.
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