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3 reasons to get your henna done BEFORE spring break!
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Are store-bought henna kits worth your time and money?
Fact checking: "The Henna Lip Tint That Goes on Green, Comes out Pink, and Will Change Your Life"

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3 reasons to get your henna done BEFORE spring break!

I can't tell you how many clients have told me: "I once got henna at the beach. It didn't last very long."

Even if you can get quality henna at the beach, you'd be better off getting your henna before you head out for spring break!

One, you'll probably pay a lot less. Artists who work in resort locations must pay for expensive real estate. Unless you live in a resort area, paying a local artist will likely save you a ton of cash.

Two, the color will be at its peak when you arrive at your destination.

Are store-bought henna kits worth your time and money?

You've seen them at craft stores, New Age shops and health food groceries: henna (mehndi) kits.

Are they the way to start your own henna journey? Or is there a better way?

The henna kits I tried way back in my early henna days (late '90s and early '00s) were anywhere from meh to awful. People who tell me they've tried kits often have disappointing results as well.

And there's a reason for that. Well ... several reasons.

  • You have no idea how old the henna powder is.This iscrucial

Fact checking: "The Henna Lip Tint That Goes on Green, Comes out Pink, and Will Change Your Life"

Edited 7/29. Thanks to reader Tina for spotting my error in the fourth paragraph!

From the Marie Claire beauty blog comes a post titled"The Henna Lip Tint That Goes on Green, Comes out Pink, and Will Change Your Life."Does this lip product really contain henna, and does henna "start green and come out pink"? Let's review:

Quote: "The product in question goes by many names, but is most commonly referred to as Henna Lipstick or Magic Moroccan Hare Color Changing Lipstick

Getting RID of your henna stain ... safely!

All good things must come to an end ... including a killer henna/mehndi design.

Most folks are content to let their henna just fade into the sunset, but a fading stain can look funky:
  • Palm and sole stains usually fade to orange (and even sometimes a weird green color) before disappearing. 
  • Elsewhere, the design can look patchy or spotty as skin exfoliates unevenly.

The Times of India ran an article titled"Don't like the look of fading mehendi?"with advice on how to get rid of a fading stain.

"White henna": What is it?

(Note: Blue Lotus Mehndi offers traditional (red) henna as well as henna-style body art in any color you like, including glitters and metallics! Call us at 205-378-8058 or email us for details.)

People are starting to talk about "white henna." Just do a Google search and you'll find hundreds of stunning images.

"White henna" looks like an exciting option for darker skin tones as well as for Western-style brides who don't want traditional red henna.

Episode 01 of Blue Lotus TV is on Spreecast!

The debut episode of Blue Lotus TV, "Henna/Mehndi 101", is available for streaming on Spreecast!

This 25-minute show covers all the basics about henna arts, including:

* The history and cultural background of henna
* How henna works
* Who uses henna and why
* The dangers of false/adulterated henna ("black henna")
* Cautions about henna
* What to look for in a henna artist

I hope you enjoy the show! Future episodes will hopefully include some very special guests and will cover topics such as how to make great paste, henna ethics, new techniques in henna and much more!

LIVE henna Q&A session on Spreecast!

Ever wondered what henna/mehndi is all about?

Are you a parent whose child wants henna, but you're not sure if it's safe or appropriate?

Are you curious about the historical and cultural background of henna?

Are you an artist who is interested in getting into henna, or maybe you've never done henna at all but would like to try it out?

Join me for my inaugural Spreecast by clicking this link: http://www.spreecast.com/events/hennamehndi-qa. It's totally free to sign up and participate!

So ... You Want a Tattoo?

So! You want a tattoo. Aninktattoo. That's a big step!

It's such a big step, you might want to call your local henna artistfirst.

A lot of customers come to me, tattoo design in hand, and ask me to replicate it in henna to see if they like the design on their body. Although some designs don't work well with henna, many of them do. There are also other temporary body art techniques that can replicate the look of an ink tattoo. If you want to test-drive that tattoo design you've had your eye on, you have some options.

Henna Classes Online for Mehndi Enthusiasts!

Coming January 2016! My course Henna 101: Mehndi Application for Beginners, which will be presented on Udemy.

This course is for anyone who is ready to apply henna on themselves or their buddies for fun but has been frustrated with craft henna kits, questionable store-bought cones and the overload of information on the Internet.

If you'd like to be notified immediately when this course is available, please drop me an email at bluelotusmehndi at gmail dot com.

Can You Test-drive a Tattoo with Henna?

Very often I'll be asked to do a henna design as a way to "test drive" an ink tattoo design ... before all the business with needles and peeling skin.

Does it work?

The Ins and Outs of Using Henna as a "Test Tattoo"

As I rantedhere, henna and ink tattooing are distinct and different art forms, even though both leave you with a design on your skin. Besides the fact that henna is temporary and ink tattooing is (practically) permanent, certain designs can work well with both henna and ink but others do not.
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