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Can we all just relax about henna?

It was the hissy fit heard around the country:

Well, itwasn'ta tattoo ... it was henna. The child had gotten her little hands decorated with flowers, swirlies and her name—Leah—as part of a school program designed to expose youngsters to other cultures. 

Leah's mom had gotten en email advising that henna would be offered at the event, but to be fair, the school didn't give parents any details about henna ahead of time so that she could make an informed decision.

Pretty, but not henna: Aussie celeb sporting facial "tattoos"

Once again, the mass media is generally clueless when it comes to henna.

TheUK's Daily Mailrecently published photos of Australian celebrity Imogen Anthony, which she'd posted on her Instagram feed. The headline said she was sporting "henna facial art." Here's one pic:

News flash: That ain't henna.

Let's say it together folks: HENNA IS NEVER BLACK. (You can read all about that businesshere.) But this is more than likely black liquid eyeliner, which is generally safe for facial doodling.

Blue Lotus Mehndi to provide henna at Alabama Asian Cultures & Food Festival

Wow! So excited about an upcoming event we've never been a part of before. :-)

TheAlabama Asian Cultures & Food Festivalis April 11 at the Zamora Shrine Temple in Irondale. We'll be there providing beautiful, traditional henna designs at great prices. Just purchase your henna tokens at the entrance ($3 per token); most designs run 1-3 tokens.

And check out this amazing lineup of activities and attractions:

* Dancers and more dancers!
* Music 
* Photo opps with Miss Birmingham 
* Food galore!

Tattoos, Henna and Christianity: That Tricky Verse in Leviticus

Note to the reader: This blog post deals with Christian theology written from the point of view of a lay person who has done a lot of research on this topic. I welcome comments on the topic at hand, but this is not the place to take potshots at religion or religious people. If you feel the need to do so, you're welcome to start your own blog.

Also, this should go without saying, but the comments below do not imply any practice of religious discrimination on the part of Blue Lotus Mehndi. Blue Lotus Mehndi gladly serves ALL clients without hesitation and has always done so.

Discount for Bridal Henna and Parties!

Are you a traditional South Asian or Middle Eastern bride looking for wedding henna? Or are you a Western bride looking for something a little different for your ceremony or honeymoon?

Henna/mehndi has been associated with brides, weddings and marriage since the beginning of time. And Blue Lotus Mehndi is offering a discount for brides and wedding parties in 2012. Watch this video for a sneak peak, or clickherefor more details. You can even book an appointment or party onlinehere.

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Mehndi Is for Weddings!

Photo from WikiCommons. Common Creative License.Indian-style bridal henna. Design inspired by Neeta Sharma. (c) 2011 Blue Lotus MehndiSpring and weddings. Weddings and mehndi. They go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Since its beginnings, mehndi (henna) has been associated with women's rites of passage, especially weddings. Even today, many brides in the Middle East and Southeast Asia wouldn't think of leaving off mehndi when they put on their bridal finery. Mehndi, in fact, is at its most complex and intricate in the dense, lace-like designs of Indian bridal work.

Many charming traditions are associated with mehndi.
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