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'Black henna.' It kills.

It's the sort of news article that gives henna artists nightmares:

As I have said until I'm blue in the face, natural henna isfinebut so-called "black henna" is poison!!

And now, it's apparently killed a woman. Here's what happened:

Ms. McCabe got a "black henna" tattoo while on vacation in Dubai in 2007. The "tattoo" didn't kill her right then. However, the chemical that is put into "black henna" to stain the skin black—PPD—got into her system and made her more sensitive to the chemical itself.

Special holiday glitter tat offerings this winter!

Blue Lotus Mehndi is delighted to team up withPine Hill Farmsin Tarrant, Alabama, to offer two afternoons of super-fun holiday glitter tattoos for kids of (almost!) all ages!

These holiday pretties are simple, non-toxic, removable and safe for kids age 3 and up!

All it involves is applying a stencil, then a bit of acrylic-based body glue, a sprinkle of glitter, and voila! A glittery bit of body art that will last anywhere from 2 to 5 days.

Prices start at just $1! Here are the dates and times:

Saturday, Nov.

Henna won't hurt you—it's "black henna" that's the problem

I'm getting so annoyed.

Now that summer is here (in the Northern Hemisphere) and folks are headed on vacation, I'm seeing an uptick in the number of news stories about the possible "dangers of henna."

The problem is that there is a VERY dangerous temporary body art product out there called "black henna" or "emergency mehndi" or "emergency henna," which is adulterated with a chemical called PPD: para-phenylenediamine.IT'S NOT REAL HENNA.

PPD is used in hair dye and will dye your skin true black.

Glitter mehndi: An alternative to traditional henna!

Glitter Traditional mehndi—or henna—is the art of creating a temporary stain on the skin using a paste made from the henna plant. True, natural henna comes in only one color—red/brown—and can last up to three weeks. 

But sometimes, you want something a little special.

"Glitter mehndi" is not true mehndi in that nothing from the henna plant is used, but you can still get henna-like designs using cosmetic glitter or powders on top of liquid adhesive. 

Using this technique, the design is sweatproof and waterproof and, with care, can last several days with minimal wear.

Awesomely busy spring!

Wow!! So much going on for Blue Lotus Mehndi this spring. Let me see if I can recap everything, and you can always check the"Events" tab on our Facebook page.

March 4 --Birmingham Mardi Gras Parade: I won't be doing henna at this event but I will be in the parade passing out beads, candy and 50-percent off coupons for henna! Grab yours! 

March 7 --Mudras & Mehndi:I'm partnering up with DeAnna Freeman of  shimmyasana.comandThe Yoga Circle 280to present a very special edition of DeAnna's Friday 4:30 class.

Mark your calendars! Mudras and Mehndi!

I am friggin' pleased as punch to be partnering up with this gorgeous lady here to present Mudras & Mehndi at Yoga Circle 280!

DeAnna Freeman will be teaching her usual 4:30 pm "hot yoga" class on Friday, March 7, with a focus on mudras: yogic hand gestures.

Then at 5:30, registered students can relax with some henna by yours truly! You get a small design free; if you'd like to "upgrade," you can pay me directly beginning at $5.

If you're interested in signing up, please visit

Tattoos, Henna and Christianity: That Tricky Verse in Leviticus

Note to the reader: This blog post deals with Christian theology written from the point of view of a lay person who has done a lot of research on this topic. I welcome comments on the topic at hand, but this is not the place to take potshots at religion or religious people. If you feel the need to do so, you're welcome to start your own blog.

Also, this should go without saying, but the comments below do not imply any practice of religious discrimination on the part of Blue Lotus Mehndi. Blue Lotus Mehndi gladly serves ALL clients without hesitation and has always done so.

Episode 01 of Blue Lotus TV is on Spreecast!

The debut episode of Blue Lotus TV, "Henna/Mehndi 101", is available for streaming on Spreecast!

This 25-minute show covers all the basics about henna arts, including:

* The history and cultural background of henna
* How henna works
* Who uses henna and why
* The dangers of false/adulterated henna ("black henna")
* Cautions about henna
* What to look for in a henna artist

I hope you enjoy the show! Future episodes will hopefully include some very special guests and will cover topics such as how to make great paste, henna ethics, new techniques in henna and much more!

LIVE henna Q&A session on Spreecast!

Ever wondered what henna/mehndi is all about?

Are you a parent whose child wants henna, but you're not sure if it's safe or appropriate?

Are you curious about the historical and cultural background of henna?

Are you an artist who is interested in getting into henna, or maybe you've never done henna at all but would like to try it out?

Join me for my inaugural Spreecast by clicking this link: http://www.spreecast.com/events/hennamehndi-qa. It's totally free to sign up and participate!

So ... You Want a Tattoo?

So! You want a tattoo. Aninktattoo. That's a big step!

It's such a big step, you might want to call your local henna artistfirst.

A lot of customers come to me, tattoo design in hand, and ask me to replicate it in henna to see if they like the design on their body. Although some designs don't work well with henna, many of them do. There are also other temporary body art techniques that can replicate the look of an ink tattoo. If you want to test-drive that tattoo design you've had your eye on, you have some options.
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