We offer traditional henna (mehndi) and other forms of temporary body art. For pricing information, please click the link in the left-hand menu.


Traditional Henna/Mehndi

Blue Lotus Mehndi uses all-natural handcrafted paste to create beautiful designs in both traditional and modern styles.

Traditional henna involves applying a paste to the skin, which is allowed to set and dry. When removed, the stain left behind is orange and then deepens to red/brown over the next 12 to 72 hours.

The photo at left shows the paste on and the resulting stain.

Bridal Henna/Mehndi

The most intricate designs! Bridal henna is a passion for Blue Lotus Mehndi, whether you are planning to wear traditional attire or you want to add flavor to Western bridal wear.

Blue Lotus Mehndi specializes in
bi-cultural weddings where the couple may enjoy having a Western artist who also thoroughly understands wedding henna traditions. We can even dress in a salwar or sari if you desire!

Click here for our 2016 bridal brochure.

Yes, we have white henna! Click here for more information about this hot body art trend.

Pregnancy/Prenatal Henna

Sometimes referred to as a "belly blessing" or "blessingway," henna applied to the belly during the third trimester is a wonderful way to celebrate the joy of life and pamper the mom-to-be. Can be incorporated into a traditional baby shower or as an alternative to a traditional shower.

If you wish to incorporate ceremony into your prenatal henna, we can help you with that as well.

Henna for Healing

Our free service for anyone age 6 and up, male or female, who is suffering from abnormal forms of hair loss.

Please visit our Henna for Healing page for complete information.

Glitter and Other Temporary Tattoos

"Glitter Mehndi"

This service can be done on its own or added to any other body art service, including traditional henna.

Using theatrical adhesive cream, a design is piped onto the skin using the same technique as applying henna paste. Glitter—in any color you choose!—is sprinkled onto the paste.

The resulting design is waterproof, flexible and can last up to a week with proper aftercare.

Glitter and Glow Tats!

This is super-fun for kids and a great option for younger children who aren't ready for henna.

This is a simple, quick-drying way to apply temporary tattoos: First, we apply an adhesive stencil to the skin. Next comes a thin layer of acrylic adhesive. Finally, the design is dusted with glitter and ta-da! A temporary tat that can last up to 5 days.

The top photo shows a Hello Kitty stencil used with regular black and hot pink glitter.

The bottom photo shows the same stencil but with UV-reactive pink glitter. This glitter shows up as regular pink in normal light but GLOWS like crazy under blacklight!

We also can use these same stencils to apply matte (non-glittery) colors using color cosmetic mineral powders.

For ages 3 and up.

Ink Tattoo Lookalikes 

Realistic-looking Fake Tattoos*

It is possible to get safe, black temporary body art. Instead of a product that stains the skin, we use Temptu brand body art paint. This is the same sort of body paint used in airbrush tattoos and also is used in film TV and theater to create fake tattoos on actors.

This paint is removable with mineral oil or rubbing alcohol and can last up to one week with proper care. Available in any color you like!

* Please note that this is NOT "black henna" and does NOT contain PPD or any other skin-damaging chemical. Please call us at 205-378-8058 for pricing and further details.

Ink Tattoo Cover-ups (photo coming soon)

If you need to temporarily cover a tattoo with a prettier design, we can help! Using the same body paints used for our faux tattoos, we can cover up that embarrassing or regrettable design for your family reunion, job interview, etc. Lasts up to a week. Please call us at 205-378-8058 for pricing and further details.

Jagua Temporary Tattoos*

Jagua is a product made from an Amazonian fruit. The people of the Amazon have used this fruit for generations to create blue/black stains on their bodies, similar to the color you get from an old-school ink tattoo.

Jagua gel is applied much like henna and allowed to dry. The stain is faint gray at first and then darkens to blue/black and can last 1-2 weeks. 

* Please note that Jagua is a much newer product than henna on the Western market and has some safety unknowns. Some people with strawberry allergies have reported allergic reactions. For adult clients only. Not recommended for sensitive skin or anyone with fruit allergies. Please call us at 205-378-8058 for pricing and further details.

Other Services

Mehndi Cakes, Candles and Other Items!

Would you like a cake decorated in the henna style? (With icing, of course.) How about cookies?

How about a candle decorated with real henna? Or, do you have an item you'd like decorated with regular paint in a style that mimics traditional henna?

Whether it's a wedding invitation, T-shirt, or a pair of shoes, we can draw custom designs or paint objects using a variety of media.

Please call us at 205-378-8058 for pricing and further details.

Coming Soon ...

Indigo Body Art (Celtic Woading)

Have you ever seen depictions of the blue body art on ancient Celtic warriors? Those designs were created using indigo plant dye. A modern crystallized form of indigo brings this body art technique to the modern world.

No photos yet, but you can take a look at this one by another artist. For adult clients only. Indigo use on skin has an undetermined safety record (although it's the same thing used to dye your blue jeans). Not recommended for sensitive skin.

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